I’ll be speaking about Azure at Tech Days Sweden 2015

Av Peter Örneholm | Blogg | 8 juni 2015

I’m happy to be one of the people that will be speaking at Tech Days 2015 in Sweden! :D

Pre Conf - Azure Fundamentals & Azure Racing Game Workshop

Before the conference even starts me and my colleague Alan Smith will host a pre conf about the fundamentals of Azure.

The Azure racing game workshop will focus on the use of Microsoft Azure services to host a back end system for real-time telemetry processing in a 3D racing game. The use of the Azure Service Bus, Worker Roles, Storage Services and Websites will be explained. Techniques for real-time telemetry data stream processing, data archiving and report generation will be discussed and explored.

Application Insights beyond console.log()

During the conference I’ll be sharing some knowledge of how I’ve used Application Insights in real projects to get insights in the usage flow across browsers, servers and APIs. This one will be in Swedish.

Allt mer av logiken i en webbapplikation flyttas till klienten och så även loggning och analys av användarflöden? Risken är stor att fel och brister i systemet aldrig letar sig längre än till console.log(). Det är här som Application Insights kommer till undsättning.

To sign up for the conf, just visit the website :)

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