Forecast your Application Insights cost with the new pricing options

Av Peter Örneholm | Blogg | 3 januari 2017

Azure Application Insights is basically Application Monitoring as a Service provided by Microsoft as part of their cloud offering. Application Insights have been in Preview for quite a long time but during Connect 2016 they did announce that it’s now Generally Available. Once a service in Azure goes GA, the preview prices does not apply anymore, but in addition to this they also announced that they are changing the pricing model.

Previously you were billed by how many data points you sent per month, independent of how much data (like custom properties) each point included. Now they have changed to bill you by the amount of data instead, which is what similar services in the industry do. There is also an enterprise option if you need continuous export or OMS integration. For full details, have a look at the pricing page:

All new accounts you create in Application Insights will use the new pricing model, but existing ones will use the old one until February 1st (2017) when they will all automatically be converted. If you are interested in how this will affect your bill there is actually a chart available to have a look at.

Navigate to your AI resource in the portal and choose “Quota + prcing” in the left panel. At the bottom you will find two charts, one indicating Data points count (relevant for the old pricing model), but at the very bottom there is now a chart available to tell you about the Daily data volume (relevant for the new pricing model).

Given these numbers you should be able to figure out how it will affect your AI usage and billing. 

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