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Av Peter Örneholm | Blogg | 27 januari 2020

Some time ago, we at Active Solution arranged an internal Hackathon with focus on music and modern web technologies. Me myself decided I wanted to see how I could combine AI and music from Spotify - and then Cognitive Jukebox was born!

Introducing Cognitive Jukebox is a jukebox enhanced with cognitive skills. Take a selfie and the application will play music from the year you were born.

The application is built using modern web technologies, AI services in Azure and music from Spotify.


Using Javascript the stream from the webcam is captured and once the user takes a photo it’s sent to the ASP.NET Core backend.

    audio: false,
    video: {
        facingMode: { exact: "user" }
}).then(function (mediaStream) {
    videoElement.srcObject = mediaStream;

Age detection

The backend forwards the image to Cognitive Services in Azure. Using the Face API we can extract information such as estimated age, emotions, gender etc. In this case we focus on the estimated Age.

var analyzeImageResult = await _computerVisionClient.AnalyzeImageInStreamAsync(file.OpenReadStream(), new List<VisualFeatureTypes>
var age = analyzeImageResult.Faces.First().Age;

Spotify Music

Given that age, we can figure out the year of birth of the user. Spotify allows us to filter music by year, so the Spotify Web API can then be used to get some top tracks from that year. The OSS lib SpotifyAPI-NET made it very easy to consume from .NET.

var searchItems = api.SearchItems("year:" + year, SearchType.Track);
var mp3Url = searchItems.Tracks.Items.First().PreviewUrl;


There are a few basic costs involved. But the part that could become expensive is the analytics of images. I’ve estimated it to cost roughly $1 USD / 1000 images analyzed.

The Spotify Web API is free to use, but comes with rate limits. If I hit those, the site would require the user to login and use their own account.

Interested in even more details?

If you or your company wants to know more about services like this, I deliver a session/Workshop called “Democratizing AI with Azure Cognitive Services” which shows the potential of Cognitive Services by fun and creative examples. Please drop me an email if that sounds interesting.


This site brings zero to no value, but it was a fun way of exploring a few technologies and maybe it will give a smile to those who uses it :)

I’ve published all the source code to GitHub and the dockerimage that powers the site is available at DockerHub.

If you like it, please share it with friends and family. I’ve noticed that people like it the most when it subtracts a few years from your age…. :)

Any feedback or cheers is always welcome, I’m @PeterOrneholm at Twitter.

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