Join our AI-Mission! During 2020 we will focus our efforts on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). We welcome both new and existing clients to join us in this initiative and benefit from our AI and ML packages and solutions.

Our AI Philosophy

Our intelligent solutions leverage the extensive and evolving range of AI services available on the Azure platform. These services enable sophisticated algorithms and models to be integrated with simple API calls and at a minimal cost.

Doing so enables us to focus more energy on the challenges of delivering the optimal client solution. This is well aligned with our long-term strategy of creating component-based systems leveraging Azure and third-party components and services.

The results are innovative and fun solutions that are greatly appreciated by our client’s clients.

AI Inspiration day

Our AI Inspiration Day is ideal for companies and teams that are new to exploring AI and ML.

During these sessions the focus will be on discovering the best ways that your company can leverage these services and technologies. This provides the valuable investment of getting up to speed with implementing AI in your projects and focus on creating solutions to your specific scenarios.

Each AI Inspiration Day is tailored to the requirements of the client, and can include any combination of the following modules:

  • AI and ML overview covering concepts and real-world scenarios
  • Deep dive into specific AI services
  • AI workshop focusing on the implementation of a specific scenario
  • Hands-on AI developer course
  • AI strategy and roadmap planning

Contact us now to discuss your inspiration day!

AI Inspiration Seminar

In this 90-minute session our AI-experts will deliver an inspiring presentation for your company’s participants. We will take an overview of the most important services in the Microsoft AI space with demos of how the services can be used in different scenarios. The aim is to enlighten and inspire you and your colleagues to create innovative ideas for your business.

The showcase scenarios will cover:

  • Natural language processing
  • Facial recognition
  • Image classification
  • Visualization of AI model predictions
  • Form and document interpretation

The seminar will round off with a Q & A session and discussion.

These sessions are in great demand, and are currently offered at a favorable price.

The AI Inspiration Seminar can be delivered live over Microsoft Teams or equivalent on-line platform.

AI Results

Our AI Results package are designed for companies and teams that have established an AI strategy or project idea and wish to move forward with it. AI Results will take an AI initiative from the original idea to a working proof of concept implementation.

Our experience has shown that working alongside our customers and providing guiding, mentoring and help with implementation greatly enhances the productivity and value of these initiatives. We work with a concise and focused scope in order to maximize the results and deliver greater value to our clients.

The AI Results package consists of a range of offerings that can be combined as required:

  • A series of short workshops from inception to delivery
  • Training in AI and ML technologies
  • Deep dive training on specific AI technologies
  • Delivery of a working proof of concept or production solution

Our AI Results package starts with a cost free evaluation of your idea and the proposal of a plan of execution.

Contact us now to discuss your AI Results!

AI Experiments

Our aim is to deliver business value to our customers by leveraging emerging technologies. Our consultants also have a passion for learning about AI and sharing that knowledge with others and experimentation is a fantastic way to learn.

Our AI Experiments provide us with a space to explore AI technologies in many different scenarios. A number of them have featured in our booth and our presentations at many conferences. Others have evolved into working customer solutions.

Active Feeling

Active Feeling leverages emotion detection features of the Azure Cognitive Services Face API. It enables users to compete with each other by achieving the best scores for a number of different facial emotions. It has proved very popular at a number of conferences and at events in our offices.

AI Clippy

AI Clippy was born in 2018 in as a joint product between Microsoft and Active Solution. His debut was at TechDays Sweden 2018 and since then he has continuously evolved and attended a number of different conferences.

AI Clippy provides human interaction by leveraging the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), text to speech and speech to tect capabilities of Azure Cognitive Services.

Cognitive Jukebox is a jukebox enhanced with cognitive skills. Take a selfie and the application will play music from the year you were born.

The application is built using modern web technologies, Cognitive Services in Azure and music from Spotify.

Read more on the technical details in this blogpost.

Try this experiment at uses the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered object detection capability in Azure Cognitive Services to find out if the image contains a bird and, in some cases, it even finds out what species it is.

Read more on the background and technical details in this blogpost.

Try out this experiment at

The Trump Stock predictor

In 2018 Active Solution ran a hackathon in Belgrade, Serbia. One of the contributors was a clever solution to predict and analyze the stock price based on Donald Trump's (in)famous Twittering. We didn't this experiment public but are pleased to have read about others doing similar experiments.

Our conclusions were that Mr. Trump didn't have any significant impact on the stock pricing.

All leveraging technologies in Azure Cognitive Services and created in one day!

Machine Learning for Optimization of Postal Delivery

Together with Citymail, Active Solution built an ML-solution to optimize postal delivery. The solution leverages Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to train models for more accurate predictions. Very sweet solution.

AI Bot for Education Business A nice example of a workshop that created an idea, which lead to a tool for a leading education business. The solution leverages the Microsoft Azure Bot Service and other Azure services.

Faces of the Swedish Parliament

This experiment uses Azure Cognitive Services face detection to analyze the faces of the 349 members of the Swedish parliament. It extracts information such as mood, length of beard and visual age and presents them all in a Power BI dashboard. transcribes news episodes from Swedish Radio and makes them searchable. It uses Azure Cognitive Services for Speech-to-Text, Text Analytics, Translation and Text-to-Speech.

Try this experiment at

Active Lookalike

Active Lookalike was one of our pioneer projects built on Azure Cognitive Services. A photo booth takes pictures of the player and uses the facial recognition services in Azure to judge how well it matches the faces of different celebrities.

It has featured at Microsoft Almedalen and numerous other developer conferences. It has proved to be a huge success with a fairly simple format leveraging technology that was impossible, or extremely costly to implement a few years ago.

Cognitive CMS

Cognitive CMS is an open-source project formed by Microsoft and Active Solution. Originally designed for a world famous client it is now available for anyone to use on GitHub. Cognitive CMS simplifies both AI enabled search and a plugin use of the popular CMS tool Wordpress.

Cognitive CMS is publicly available on GitHub.


Recommendation Service for Films and More

This was probably the first AI-Project for Active Solution. It was a Microsoft award-winning solution for a video rental company (no one does that today if you are old enough to remember) with an awesome recommendation service that was trained by the users. Netflix uses a similar solution today. The technology was Microsoft Azure and an open-source product. The interesting thing is that the development today would be a lot easier.

AI Offer Robot

Active Solution has developed an AI-driven robot helping a Swedish global industrial company to optimize offers to their clients. The solution leverages Azure Cognitive Services.

AI Enabled Text and Pictures

Immersive Reader is one of the emerging Cognitive Services on the Azure platform. It offers a combination of text to speech and pictures to enhance understanding and learning. In this experiment Active Solution helped a leading Swedish publisher to envision the benefits in their line of business.

Evolving Star Craft 2 AIs

Blizzard’s Star Craft 2 real time strategy game provides an API for developers to create their own AIs and bots and interact with the Star Craft universe. This makes for a challenging and sophisticated environment for our developers to explore the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Miss Cat Code

Miss Cat Code is a pseudonym for an ongoing real-life project for a client in the healthcare business. It’s a substantial backend project to prepare for the next level of healthcare services focusing on AI technologies. The vision is to make the Code Cat leverage embedded AI. This is a great example of how to change an industry with modern technology including AI.


In 2018 Microsoft previewed the global launch of a project called The JFK-Files. In 2019, together with Microsoft, Active Solution delivered a similar solution for a world famous client. The solution leveraged a number of the latest Azure Cognitive Services to analyze and structure data sources such as video, audio, text and images. This would have been impossible to achieve in the same kind of project three years ago.

AI and BI Roadmap

The combination of the emerging technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI) is something that we are exploring actively. Our vision is to create augmented AI services that is easier to train and evaluate.

By integrating powerful data analysis tools, such as Power BI, with AI services and data sets we can easily visualize the accuracy of our models. This enables us to deliver fast and accurate analysis and results to desktops and devices around the world.

Airbnb Sentiment Navigation

Airbnb Sentiment Navigation is a great example of how to use AI sentiment services plus Vision Service in Azure Cognitive Services to enhance navigation of datasets. The implementation uses the sentiment scores plus Vision Service image tagging in the Airbnb reviews to generate a simplified navigational map. This is a concept that we have shared publicly and showcased at developer conferences.

Global AI & Azure Bootcamp Racing Game AI Lab

The Global Racing Game has been a popular part of the Global Azure and Global AI Bootcamps. The game evolves self-learning self-driving cars that use a genetic algorithm combined with a neural network to evolve the optimal lap time in the game. In the last Global Azure Bootcamp these evolved AIs were consistently beating the human players.

Training Custom Vision Models

The Azure Custom Vision service provides developers with an environment for training and evaluating image classification and object detection models. These models can be exposed as services in Azure and consumed by cloud-based or hybrid applications. They can also be exported and used on-premise in real-time vision applications.